Deeeer Simulator 2

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The destructions caused by a deer can last forever and they will always be amazing and entertaining. If you agree, then the second part of Deeeer Simulator is something you have been waiting for. Yes, you got it – we are happy to present the continuation of the most amazing game and the craziest chaotic destructions ever! Welcome to the city of animals where you are going to play for a trouble-making deer with a great deal of strange ideas in his bright head. Are you ready for a new adventure with these guys? Then jump in and let’s get it started. So what is waiting for you in the second part of this amazing game? Well, to tell the truth, you are going to face everything you know and adore from the first part, plus new features and capacities of the open world that never stops expanding. The same amazing animals – some dressed in suits, the others not, are going to become your comrades and enemies as they were previously. Of course, it is hard to blame the police-animals in being someone’s enemies – they just do what they have to, because they have duties. You are a real criminal that simply ruins the city’s calm and they cannot leave this the way it is, so be ready to meet them too soon after doing another nasty deed you like that much.
In the second part, gamers will be offered to solve mini-puzzles and additional games that can be found throughout the game. While wondering around the city and looking for some ideas and content to play with (which is truly vast), you can take part in some small tasks and solve them. Prank someone, do a trick, make a joke and the game will become even more entertaining than you could imagine. As always, there is no single idea the deer has to follow and no missions to accomplish in order to progress. The game excludes any ideas of progressing – you just have fun and do whatever crazy stuff comes to your mind. Build, create, run, fly, destroy, and make experiments whatever you want – these and other options are available in thousands of different variants and you can try them all out, make up your own Deeeer Simulator adventure, and have fun enjoying cool graphics and physics!

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