Deeeer Simulator 2020

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The year 2020 brings so many new titles and you will definitely notice that one of the most popular genres now surely is simulators. There are so many of them now and the imagination of game developers seem to spread to the infinity – they invent the craziest ideas only to make you entertained. Whatever you can imagine already exists and something will surely excite you being too unexpected and even strange. After playing the Goat Simulator that allows you to live a life of a goat, which is not actually as boring as you may have thought, is a perfect example. The crazy goat ruins the farm around, pranks people and animals, and does dozens of troubles all around. However, the era of goats is gone now. Here comes the time for some wild animals – deer.
In the presented game, you will play for a strange and funny deer in the city of animals. Everything can happen in this strange environment. The freedom in this world is limitless and the only restriction is your imagination, so it is true that your deer can stuck into any trouble and cause it to anyone who is near. Be careful – some of your ideas can be criminal, so they will summon the police! There are different representatives of the animal-cops here. In case you are blamed in a small and relatively light deed, like some prank or something like that, get ready to see the sheep in uniforms. In case you move further and do something heavier, the bears will come for you. These are pretty serious guys that are not that easy to overcome, so if you make too much damage, be ready that the gunfight with polar bears might start too soon.
The deer doesn’t have any other mission but to ruin and have fun, though. So don’t be afraid of the cops! You don’t have aims to accomplish – just fool around in the endless sandbox city, where every object and character can become your material for funny ideas. The game includes numerous funny small games, like side missions and entertainments, where you can destroy even more. In most cases, these heroic and strange animals will remind you characters from anime series. Well, no wonder – the game developers come from Japan, so they implement this atmosphere whatever they do. Rich people are ruining the planet leading it to ruination and extinction? No way! The heroic deer, rhinos, bears, and cats will fight back. They will even build a robot out of their bodies to show the power of unity and single idea shared by the heroic minds they have.

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