Deeeer Simulator Update

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If you think that you have already played the most ridiculous game after Goat Simulator, then we are glad to present something even more brain-blowing. This time, you are going to experience a life of a crazy deer, living in a crazy world of animals that are fond of doing absurd things like gathering together and building something like a Voltron out of their bodies. While the game can boast of having amazing physics, which adds tons of fun and laughter to it because it makes the movements and acting look pretty funny, there is more. While most physics-based games are centered around the idea of being funny just because the characters move in a funny way, this one doesn’t stop here. There are more incredible and super-entertaining things here and you will be surely amazed of them. As we have already mentioned, the game is mostly based on manipulations rather than physics, which is great as well. However, the open sandbox you find yourself at is filled with objects and other animals that can serve as a material for your chaos. You are here to release your inner chaos and have some fun with everything the game has to present, from things you just find on the ground, to other fellow-animals that can become even your weapons in the fight against the police. Everything is possible in Deeeer Simulator, so make sure that you never restrict yourself and do something really crazy all the time.
Constructions made of animals, strange instruments, and even costumes to wear and make everything look even funnier – everything here is at your disposal. You are in the game to create the chaos and then – to rule your chaos. Maybe, this sounds a bit pathetically, but in the reality, everything is filled with jokes and humor, so the atmosphere will seem incredibly funny and freeing to you. As a deer, you can even ride other animals and guess what – their and your size doesn’t matter. You can sit on the raccoon or a dragon if you want to. What is more, you can combine the animals creating a Japanese-inspired robot, sitting inside of it and feeling like a hero. For example, zebras can serve you as hands, lions will become your legs, and antelopes will be the parts of your body. All manipulations are more than welcome, so don’t you restrict your imagination in any way – you are welcome to do everything that comes to your head. Just be ready that if the animals are not very happy about your ideas and don’t want to be manipulated, they might become aggressive and fight back. They have guns and great shooting skills, so be ready that something really bad can happen! Feed them before doing nasty stuff, for instance.

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