Deer Simulator 2021

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Deer Simulator 2021 will allow you to feel how these noble and beautiful animals live and what dangers they have to deal with in the wild. The forest hosts plenty of threats, but at the same time it’s magnificent and diverse. Realistic graphics, plenty of gameplay possibilities and amazing atmosphere make it a great experience that you can plunge into right now!

What kind of deer would you like to be?

At the start of the game, you can choose the gender and name of your deer. Then go to the nearest of your keen with an exclamation mark over his head. He will give you the first task accomplishing which will bring you a reward in the form of gold and experience. There will be plenty of such tasks during the game and you need to try and complete as many of them as possible. By earning experience, you’ll be leveling up and increasing your characteristics. Your deer will start running faster, seeing better and will become stronger gaining the ability to defend oneself in case he is attacked by a predator. Gold will also come in handy for changing the appearance of your character – for instance, you can alter his color, the shape of antlers, put on a hat and so on. But you won’t be able to compete the tasks unless you take care of your survival and safety which takes up the main part of the gameplay!

Enjoy your life in the forest!

Deer is a herbivore, so grass will be your primary food. You can either eat it on the spot while grazing or collect and store for further use. Sure, deer don’t do anything like that in real life, but that allows you to provide yourself with something to eat in case there won’t be any grass around and your hunger meter will already be very low. Also make sure you always have some source of water nearby because from time to time your deer will get thirsty.

But hunger and thirst aren’t the only dangers waiting for you in the woods. The forest is full of wild animals that will try and attack you. Luckily, you can protect yourself hitting them with your antlers and hooves. That will also increase your experience. When you get strong enough and reach level 3, you will be able to find a pair and start a family. Together, you can even have baby deer! They look very cute and adorable prancing around the lawn. Of course, they will leave you when they grow up, but you will always be able to have new ones. Enjoy your life in the wild playing Deer Simulator 2021, find out what it’s like to be a deer and have fun!

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