Deeeer Simulator 3

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4.4 stars

If you like animals, sandbox worlds, destruction, and funny jokes, then this game has all chances to become one of your favorite ones. Here you will find all of these features and even more. No plot, no obligations – just an unlimited city and you, a deer that is ready to ruin the calmness of the grey city he lives in. The game is bright and can boast of having a great graphical design, which is a bit wacky for a purpose – the atmosphere of the absurd process is perfectly supported by some traits of the design. Also, the physics here are awesome – they are realistic, still a bit exaggerated sometimes. The game looks like a 3D cartoon, where you are presented with endless opportunities to create and ruin.
The official description of the game sounds like “a process of running the calm city atmosphere”, and this is a very nice one. Indeed, as a deer, you are going to wonder around the city full of things and dwellers and all of them can become sources of entertainment. Whether you want to solve mini-puzzles that can be found everywhere on the streets, build a robot out of the animals you meet, do some criminal acts, or anything else that comes to your mind – you can do all of this and even more. The creativeness of the games strives to infinity and you will surely notice that the developers are pretty worried about the ecological problems. Some moments of the game clearly state that the animals you see and control guard the innocence of the nature and are not very happy with the necessity to live in a civilization that reminds human’s one too much.
The game is absolutely not focused on things like progress, following the aims, accomplishing tasks, and developing your character. The creators expect that you are going to be a destroyer and chaotic joker that simply enjoys everything around and does some tricks and pranks all the time. The deer you are going to play for has skills – he can jump, stretch his neck, swing around the buildings, and more. When he gets weapons, it turns out that he can use the guns and other types of them like a boss, so be ready that the fights with cops are going to be pretty hot!

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