Deer Simulator 3D

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Go crazy with a deer in this amazing simulator game, where the entire city is open for your mad experiments. Are you ready for the most ridiculous simulator in your life? Well, then this game will surely make you entertained. The main character, as you have already understood, is a deer. He looks like the deer you can usually meet in a forest – tall, proud, and beautiful. However, his soul is full of chaos and you will join him in all kinds of destruction and trouble-making. The city you live in is a city of animals – they live the lives that remind human existence. They have works, duties, wear clothes, and even have guns. By the way, the animals will use these guns in case you make them too angry. Don’t be surprise if the hippo opens his large mouth and you will see a shotgun inside. If you will make animals too annoyed or do some criminal stuff – they will chase you. By the way, talking about criminal stuff, there is a police here and its representatives won’t be very excited by your ruining ideas. Keep an eye on them and avoid being captured by sheep and bears that ride the police cars and wear the uniform. The process of playing might remind you of GTA – you have an open-world city where everything can be done, but be careful to avoid real challenging struggles with the representatives of the law. They don’t sleep!
You can dash, jump, and even create constructions out of the animals you meet. Attacks and swinging like Spider Man are also the options for your actions, but you will have to master this art. The trick is that the game has a pretty nice realistic physics that doesn’t always work the way you want, so you will have to learn how to deal with it in order to get your deer where you want him to be. The objects around you can be manipulated and gathered for your good, so be creative and experiment with them to raise the level of chaos!

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