Deeeer Simulator 3D

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Do you think that deer are so romantic and tender? They look gorgeously – these long legs they have, the mighty horns, strong tall body, and proud neck are so amazing. However, can you imagine a creature like this being a real source of chaos and destruction? If you cannot, then we welcome you to see this with your own eyes. Not only to see, but also to place yourself on deer’s position and do everything with your own hands. Deeeer Simulator is a great indie title where you are going to play for a deer in the open world, where everything is possible and restricted by your imagination only. The deer is living in the city, built in the form of a creative and funny sandbox, where you can not only meet other animals that might look and act human-like (even wearing clothes), but also manipulate them like objects. In fact, they are not really that toy-like, so they can resist your ideas. Sometimes, they do this pretty brutally – using guns and other weapons. Convincing them to become parts of your mecha might be not that easy, but you can give them some tasty snacks – sometimes, food works perfectly for animals.
The game looks funny and ridiculous on every step, including strange graphics that are something in between realism and cartoon. The developers did them a bit poor for a reason – such aesthetic make the game feel even more ridiculous and strange. This is a recipe of absurdity that works all the time and you will surely fall in love with every feature and presented decision after five seconds of playing. That’s true! The main character moves like a machine and he is unbeatable until he strikes something like a car or anything that is more powerful that he is. Then he will fly away in the opposite direction, but this won’t hurt him too much. He can also attack, move in dashing, and stretch his neck for an unimaginable length.

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