Deeeer Simulator Last Version

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Do you remember the deer from a perfect simulation game? Are you ready to meet him again? Well, then you are lucky to find this website – we have prepared the last version of the game for you! Deeeer Simulator is a perfect way to spend your weekend, while this part provides you with even more opportunities. If you thought that first one already has an unlimited number of them, then you are welcome to find out that the infinity can be even bigger than you thought! So what is waiting for you in this gorgeous sim? If you thought that the previous one was excellent and there was nothing to add, well, we cannot argue with you, but the more you thought so – the better! Because this means that the latest chapter of Deeeer Simulator will amaze you even more than you could ever predict.
Again, you will find yourself in the city of animals, that live their calm life. Just until the moment the deer comes! When he appears on the stage, everything changes dramatically and you will see it from the first seconds of the gameplay. Your deer is a real trouble-maker, a calm destroyer, and a tool of chaos. He is here to make the city shake and you will join him right now. The ideas that come to your head can be implemented in life immediately. Do you want to build a construction out of animals? You can do that (just make sure that you are friends before you start – the animals can react aggressively if you don’t feed them before you do something to them). Maybe, you want to fly on the dragon above the city and see the rooftops under your feet? No problem, become a dragon master if the raccoons seem to small and uninteresting to you. Make ridiculous things, confront with animal police, meet hippos with guns hidden in their mouths, swing around the houses like Spidey – just don’t restrict your creative juices and make them flow. You will surely like that feeling.

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